Welcome to Simira's Sewing Services

Do you dream of being a medieval princess? Or maybe a real Viking from the North? Going to a renaissance fair? I can make you the correct looking outfit for your chosen historical time period, or a stylish fantasy dress.

I have been larping and doing reenactment for about 10 years, and make all my own costumes. Occasionally I have also sewn for other people. Examples of my work can be found here.

  • Complete outfits for larps and renaissance fairs
  • Viking and medieval clothing
  • Robes, capes and hoods
  • Fantasy, medieval or reneissance dresses
  • Handvowen ribbons for edging, belts, bag straps etc.
  • Natural materials like linen, cotton, wool etc. Breathing and comfortable!
  • Price depends on amount of work and details on costume. Email me on simira@pvv.org for price enquiries.