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Welcome to my humble home

This is most of all a 'portal' for all the sites I am serving or that I use myself. Feel free to look around. Some sites are for my personal use only, and may not be open to the public.

My sites

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My photo gallery
Hundetrening.blogg.no - my dogtraining-blog
Blog - my very occasional blog
Wishlist - if it's soon my birthday, or you just wanted to buy me something
My visited countries
Roleplaying games - Descriptions and references from a Romance RPG campaign I've played
My Boardgame collection
Computers - The computers I use daily, if you care to know
Wedding - I married Tollef, August 5th 2006!
Odin - My dog
Kovu - Our dog
A Year in England - September 2009 we moved to Oxford to spend a year in England to work and drink beer. Here are the updates!